How to choose a good web hosting

How To Choose Good Webhosting

while choosing any website keep in mind the main thing should be in our web hosting server, as mentioned above good server is the main factor for rank your website in google, bing, or any related searching engines, because, google like that website which has good site speed, mostly site you will see the slow opening issue, there are many other issues can be but, web server responses also a factor, if your website server response fast if any issue in your website also cover, so let’s move on the main thinks should be in your web server while choosing any web hosting,

First of all, don’t get tempted by what hosting company showcase on their websites. Avoid hosting companies which offer everything UNLIMITED. Make a note that nothing in this world is unlimited. Always there will be something hidden and by those hidden means they will try to get money from you. Having said that below are few important considerations that you should check before No wonder why speed is the first thing that you should consider for a good web hosting. Speed becomes a ranking factor for Google now a days, so if you are serious about blogging choose a good hosting which offers good server speed. I can understand that it’s very difficult to check the speed of hosting before buying a plan. In that case you can search for a website which is already hosted on that hosting and

check the server speed using Bitcacha. You can also refer user reviews available on internet. You can Refer to this video tutorial if you want to know how to check web server speed. Pro Tip: Always check TTFB (Time to first byte) as this is controlled by your web server. Other speed optimization you can do at the website level. Recommended Read: 10 Best WordPress Theme in 2020 I personally look for the kind of web server used before choosing a web hosting. Usually, 80% of web host offers the Apache Web server. Apache should be avoided if possible as their technology is very old now a days. Go for Lite Speed powered server which offers very good speed even in shared hosting. In case of VPS and Dedicated server you can use Apache with NGINX reverse proxy to

get the optimum result. Up time is a key factor for deciding a web hosting. I hardly see any web host that offers less than 99% up time guarantee. But how many stands on their promises is a big question mark. Looks for past up time records to decide which web hosting is better in terms of up time. Security should be your utmost priority while choosing a good web hosting. There are instances when many shared hosting compromised with client data. Make sure you are not a victim of data theft. Stay always from cheap shared hosting from unknown companies. It’s a real pain for many bloggers to migrate blogs from one host to another. If the new host offers free migration that’s the real relief for many. Although most web host offers this facility but go for

the one which offers unlimited site migration

Choosing a suitable Web hosting plan for your business is not an easy task. Whenever finding a place to host your website for the first time, or whenever you need to substitute an existing service with a new one, you will need a good web hosting provider. There are many features you need to consider when choosing a web hosting package. Below are 6 important features on how to choose a good web hosting provider 1. Hosting Uptime Guarantee 2. Initial Fees and Renewal Prices 3. Hosting Space and Bandwidth 4. Levels of Customer Services 5. Company Stability in Industry 6. Company Reputation in the business You guys can read more the full detail here: How to Choose a good Web Hosting provider for your business


What Is Web Hosting And Why It Is Necessary To Choose A Good Web Host For

Choose Good Web Hosting Company

How to choose a web hosting service is now a little bit important among all the bloggers. So that I am going to discuss on the important process of selecting a reliable web hosting company for your blog. There are many factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company for our work. Lets point on what is the best web hosting company for our blog field. There are the huge numbers of comment on how do

I choose a hosting company for my blog, website, business what may be. I listened “Please tell me the key factors to consider when choosing web server software for my project.”


How To Choose Good Web Host Company For Hosting A Website

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